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The start of a new year. The shift in the global economy due to COVID. All reasons to look at upskilling to grow your career. Check out Myra's great tips on how you remain resilient, competitive and find that next career:
People always advise us to "be confident" when going in for interviews. But, what does that really mean? Check out how you can take a concept like confidence and actualize it using concrete, actionable steps.

"How a Boost in Confidence Impacts Your Job Search"
How does a gratitude practice help with a job search? First of all, if you reflect on all that your grateful for in your career - whether it's the colleagues you've met, the professional development opportunities you've had - it helps you to stay in a positive and forward looking motion as you go through the day to day of a job search. Staying positive about what you have learned and what skills you have gained, helps you to frame your day, set you up for success during your interviews and help you stay resilient in your search. Looking for... (More)
Rachel MooreTTEC Team
Social Media Marketing Manager
Got a LinkedIn profile? It can be one of your best tools (and a free one!) that helps you network and find your next job. Here are the basics you should tackle to turn your LinkedIn profile into the most appealing place that one of TTEC's recruiters can learn more about you and how you can fit into the family! - Upload a photo of yourself (a headshot: head and shoulders) so we can see that you're a real person. Don't have a headshot? Find a solid or brick wall in decent lighting and take a selfie. - Use LinkedIn's... (More)