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Anything related to diversity in employment at TTEC

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Diversity is celebrated here at TTEC. The things that make our people unique are the same things that bind us as a company and drive our passion for empathy and understanding.

Watch Norvin of TeleTech Philippines, a valuable member of our global community, describe the experience of equal opportunity and acceptance in our culture. Inspiring stuff!
During my interview, I remember asking why TTEC was a great place to work - and the answer was about how I could connect with a global community of colleagues. I thought that sounded good but didn't entirely understand what that meant. Fast forward two years later and I can't wait to go to the Philippines someday to meet the team there that I've been working with these past couple of years. And then there's the teams in India and LATAM - and throughout the United States too. I'm so grateful to be a part of a company where diversity... (More)
Interested in developing your leadership skills? Our Women in Leadership program offers mentorship opportunities, webinars and events, and a forum for women to support each other through their careers. Come and learn more about the program here
What's it like to work on Navy ships and then transition to a career in sales? Meet Doug, one of our associates who made that transition from military to sales with TTEC. We think you'll enjoy his story....we appreciate his service and welcome Veterans, military attached and military spouses to join our team and continue delivering amazing customer service!